Our Parish Council

Parish Council meetings

All Parish Council meetings take place at the Village Hall.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on:

7 September 2017

Parish Council Members

As at January 2017, these are:

Mr Denys Shaw, Chairman, 1 Cornmill Close, Elmley Castle WR10 3JH (710462) denysshaw@googlemail.com

Mr Gary Hickey, The Granary, Elms Farm, Netherton WR10 3JG (710787) gary@createdesignandprint.co.uk

Mr Adrian Steele, Chapel Farm, Netherton WR10 3JG (710379) farm@wosteele.co.uk

Mr George Mackison,  Netherton Fields, Kersoe Lane, Elmley Castle WR10 3JE (710351) Georgegmconsulting@tesco.net

Mr Kenelm Lewis, Brook House, Min Street, Elmley Castle WR10 3HS (710250) Kenelmlewis@btconnect.com

Mrs Sara Speed, South Lodge, Bricklehampton WR10 3JG (710776) thespeeds94@gmail.com

Mr Edward Stephens, Shailers Farm, Bricklehampton WR10 3HJ (710420) ed.stephens@virgin.net

Mrs Karen Mackison, Netherton Fields, Kersoe Lane, Elmley Castle WR10 3JE (710159) karenmackison@gmail.com

Mr Mark Axtell-Powell, 1 Kersoe Cottages, Elmley Castle WR10 3JD (710677) maxtellpowell@gmail.com

Mr Jerry Strong, Grove Farm, Pershore Road, Elmley Castle WR10 3HW (710575) jerry.strong@elmley.eclipse,co.uk


Mrs L D Yapp (01386 552233) elmleycastlepc@mail.com

District Councillors:

Mr George Mackison (Elmley Castle & Netherton)- details as above

Mrs Michelle English, (Bricklehampton) Delamere House, Furze Hill, Fladbury WR10 3NB (01386860502)

County Councillor:

Mr Adrian Hardman (01684773172)