Our Parish Council

Parish Council Vacancies


Those who are interested in serving the community in this way should obtain an application form for candidacy from Lynne Yapp (Clerk) 552233 or elmleycastlepc@mail.com  Completed application forms should be returned by Monday 11th December 2017

 Parish Council Meetings

All Parish Council meetings take place at the Village Hall.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on:

Thursday January 18th 2018

Parish Council Members

As at September 2017, these are:

Mr Gary Hickey, The Granary, Elms Farm, Netherton WR10 3JG (710787) gary@createdesignandprint.co.uk

Mr Adrian Steele, Chapel Farm, Netherton WR10 3JG (710379) farm@wosteele.co.uk

Mr George Mackison,  Netherton Fields, Kersoe Lane, Elmley Castle WR10 3JE (710351) georgegmconsulting@tesco.net

Mr Kenelm Lewis, Brook House, Min Street, Elmley Castle WR10 3HS (710250) Kenelmlewis@btconnect.com

Mrs Sara Speed, South Lodge, Bricklehampton WR10 3JG (710776) thespeeds94@gmail.com

Mr Edward Stephens, Shailers Farm, Bricklehampton WR10 3HJ (710420) ed.stephens@virgin.net

Mrs Karen Mackison, Netherton Fields, Kersoe Lane, Elmley Castle WR10 3JE (710159) karenmackison@gmail.com

Mr Mark Axtell-Powell, 1 Kersoe Cottages, Elmley Castle WR10 3JD (710677) maxtellpowell@gmail.com

Mr Jerry Strong, Grove Farm, Pershore Road, Elmley Castle WR10 3HW (710575) jerry.strong@elmley.eclipse,co.uk

Mr James Douglas, Daisy Bank, Bricklehampton WR10 3HJ (710696) arkadia1@aol.com


Mrs L D Yapp (01386 552233) elmleycastlepc@mail.com

District Councillors:

Mr George Mackison (Elmley Castle & Netherton)- details as above

Mrs Michelle English, (Bricklehampton) Delamere House, Furze Hill, Fladbury WR10 3NB (01386860502)

County Councillor:

Mr Adrian Hardman (01684773172)