Minutes 1 September 2016


Minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2016 in Elmley Castle village hall

Present: Mr Shaw, Mr Whitcombe, Mr Hickey, Mr Hickman, Mr Mackison, Mrs Speed, Mr Steele & Mr Stephens.

Councillor Michelle English was also present together with 4 members of the public.

1. Open Forum 7.30pm to 7.45pm. A mobile home had been placed on land on the bend next to Golden Wood, after the entrance to Bricklehampton Hall. The trees on the land are subject to a TPO but many had been removed & the land cleared. There is no electricity on the site, no drainage & no water only a post box on the gate.

This had all happened without planning permission. The clerk had spoken to Sally Griffiths, tree officer who had been on leave & new nothing of what was going on. She did say that she had spoken to the owner of the land & they had a conversation about trees. Mrs Griffiths had told the owner that she was going on leave & would speak with him on her return she could only think that he had misunderstood their conversation. There was a promise to speak with him further & let the clerk know what was happening, over a week had passed & nothing further had been heard from her, work continues on the site. The clerk had also alerted  Mr Graham Duerden, Head of Enforcement at Wychavon who had said that he was due in Court in the days after the telephone conversation & he had no staff so would be unable to visit the site for 2 weeks.

The clerk had been able to speak to David Hammond on the morning of the meeting who had stated that Mr Duerden would visit the following afternoon. Councillor Mrs English said she would meet Mr Duerden on site. The clerk had asked Mr Hammond to suggest that Mr Duerden,  whilst in Elmley Castle should visit Mill Lane to see what action could be taken in respect of damage to the Highway, pavement & hedging on the boundary of Vine House where it appears that a new entrance to Vine House may be being constructed.

A member of the public raised the possibility of purchasing initially a defibrillator with 2 more to follow so that each village would have one. Mr Hickey advised that the Parish Council had discussed this before, he also advised that if there was a need for CPR ONLY 3 TO 4 MINUTES WAS AVILABLE FOR THE LIFE TO BE SAVED, it would be more useful to dial 999 when a First Responder would arrive with a defibrillator. Some time ago the Council had given money to the local first responder to help purchase such a machine. The Chairman wished to do some research & asked that the matter will put on the agenda of the next meeting.

A question was asked about what had been decided about the back of the village hall, the Chairman said the answers to this would be dealt with later on the agenda.


2. Apologies – Dr Lewis

3. Declarations of Interest – none made

4. Minutes for Approval of meeting held on 7th July2016, Mr Hickey proposed & Mr Hickman seconded a proposal that the minutes be approved, all in favour

The Chairman had already told Councillors that this would be the last meeting with Mrs Peacock acting as Clerk, she had decided the time was right for her to retire. The Chairman thanked her for her 13yrs service to the parish Council during which time her wise counsel & professionalism had been mush appreciated. He presented her with a bouquet of flowers & she thanked the Council & paid tribute to the cohesive way in which the Council worked & always came to sensible decision even if WDC frequently did not agree with the decision.


Mr Shaw also announced the Retirement of the Vice-Chairman Mr Gary Whitcome, who had served on the PC since 2012. Mr Whitcome had been the Council representative on the Bredon Hill Conservation Group & during his involvement had been very protective of Bredon Hill & had constantly directed others to ensure that the flora & fauna were always protected. Mr Shaw thanked him for his contribution to the Council over the years & wished him well on behalf of the Council.


There was a need to fill the vacancy of Vice-Chairman, the Chairman proposed Mr Hickman, Mr Hickey seconded the proposal, Councillors unanimously voted in favour of the proposal & Mr Hickman was elected Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council.


District Councillors were invited to present their reports  Councillor Mrs English congratulated all those involved in the Plum Festival which had been a huge success. There had been two by-elections in  the district in  recent times.

She had visited a property at Lower End where the people were told to move the vehicles parked there & Rooftop housing had instructed that the garden should tidied. All this after complaints from residents.

Councillor Mackison had attended the Great Comberton Flower show, his written report is as always attached to the minute book.


5. Reports

a) Playground & Playing Field – the edging around some of the playground equipment was in need of replacement. Mr Hickey recommended that this work be left until next spring, he had arranged that the first week in March 2017 would be the start date so that the work could be finished before the annual safety inspection, after which new bark would be ordered. The clerk reminded the Council that there had been a suggestion from the Chairman last year that when maintenance was need for the playground money should be transferred to the playground account from the savings account. Mr Hickey made mention of the very tatty fencing which had appeared alongside the stream, he had spoken to Mr Eaton who agreed to deal with it.

Parking on playing the field had become a problem because residents/visitors to Millers Walk were parking on the field. The Chairman had left notes on windscreens & this appears to have solved the problem, should it return the Council may need to prevent it by placing boulders or wooden posts on the field.

An application to the County Council from the resident of 2 Mill Lane for a disabled parking space outside the property was discussed, the Clerk would write to oppose this idea on grounds similar to those sent in 2009 when an identical application had been submitted. A copy of the objection would be sent to County Councillor Hardman who had in the past supported the objection & the application was rejected.

b) NHBM – Smartwater, Councillors voted unanimously to drop the idea of going ahead because Wychavon District Council had changed the rules with regard to NHBM being used to give all residents the equipment free of charge. This was a very bad decision by the District, not allowing money which was Parish Money due to the Parish to do with what it thought best, at a cost of approx £3,600. NHBM had already been given to Harvington, in excess of £45,000 & to Charlton for Smartwater! The clerk & Council had spent 3years organising this project & it was only when the application was ready for submission that rules were changed, the clerk thought this was not a good advertisement for local democracy.

Village Hall extension – Parish Councillors confirmed their decision to apply for NHBM to help with the extension at the village hall. Mr Mackison would complete the paper work & the Chairman would submit it to Wychavon.


The Chairman had been approached to see if the Council would ask for NHBM approx £2000 to pay towards a new sign for the Queen Elizabeth, he also said that he could perhaps sort out funding another way & would come back to the Council. The clerk advised that “public money should not be spent in this way” & the Chairman asked her minute the advice


c) Safer Roads Partnership – Speeding vehicles PCSO Tinkler had written to the clerk stating that the speeds of vehicles had been measure in recent days & the average speed of the traffic was between 25mph & 27mph therefore within acceptable limits. Councillors were astonished to learn this & wondered where the testing had been done. Some Councillors had seen 2 men in high viz jackets with a tripod at the junction of Netherton Lane/Main Street, it was laughable that it had not occurred to them to these officers that they could be seen from all 3 roads & as a consequence the traffic would slow down when drivers saw the police. The clerk said there had been no evidence that traffic on Pershore Road near to the village hall, nor on Bess Cap had been observed. Speeds on that stretch of road were very high & the new residents at Ivy Cottage had offered to help with what they also saw a big problem. The Council agreed that the information received by the clerk could be passed to Mr Sherry.

d) Village Hall – Allotments, wild flower meadow & outdoor table lenis table were amongst ideas in response to plans for t he rear of the village hall. Housing had been overwhelmingly rejected by residents. There had also been a suggestion that land right at the back of the hall could be created for parking spaces for rent so that vehicles would not park on the highway. It was pointed out that parking on the highway is not an offence, it is the speed of traffic especially on  Bess Cap / Pershore Road which cases the problems.


6. Planning – to consider PAW/16/01921/PN Rye Cottage, Netherton Lane, Elmley Castle – Proposed New Dwelling as approved by permission ref.14/01210 but not in Compliance with Condition 14 so as to amend list of approved plans. Mr Hickman proposed & Mr Whitcome seconded the proposal that clarification was necessary before any decisions were made in relation to the outcome of the application, all in favour. Councillors supported the dormer window but did not support anything else. They sought further clarification from the Officer re non compliance which did not specify which plans could be amended. Councillors also wished to know who had been consulted as many neighbors objected to the original plans initially.


7. Finance                                       £

Savings a/c                          32,977.05

Current a/c                               185.42

Playground a/c                           1632.80

Invoices to be paid

Maintenance at the playing field  75.00

Lengthsman                                  187.00


8. Miscellaneous Correspondence

a) CALC – an offer of money to purchase computer equipment was declined.

b) Dr Neil Rimmington Historic England had been approached re the Market Cross.

c) Problems with flytipping had started again, some at Lower End, London Road.

 The Chairman & Mr Hickey had agreed to meet & discuss the entrance to the playing field & Ms Fenella Bellinger had confirmed her offer of help with this project.

Signed                                                       Chairman

3 .11. 2016