Minutes 12 May 2016


Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th May 2016

at 7.30pm in Elmley Castle Village Hall.


           Open Forum  no matters raised.

1.1      Apologies  Dr Lewis, Mr Stephens.

2.2     Present  Mr Shaw, Mr Whitcombe, Mr Mackison, Mr Hickman, Mr Hickey, Mr Steele, Mrs Speed. Two members of the public were also present.

 1.3      Declarations of Interest  none made

 1.4      Election of Officers

a) Election of Chairman 2016/2017. The Clerk asked for nominations. Mr Mackison proposed and Mrs Speed seconded the nomination of Mr Shaw to serve as Chairman. There were no other nominations and Mr Shaw was unanimously elected.

b) Election of Vice-Chairman 2016/2017. The Chairman asked for nominations. Mr Hickman proposed and Mr Hickey seconded a nomination of Mr Whitcombe to serve as Vice-Chairman. There were no other nominations and Mr Whitcombe was unanimously elected.

1.5     Minutes All minutes presented for approval – Mr Hickey proposed and Mr Hickman seconded approval of the minutes. All agreed.

1.6    Reports

Mr Simon Thompson had been invited to discuss Smartwater and the manner in which the kits would be distributed to residents, together with comments about signage.  New homes bonus money of £12,494.00 is available. Mr Thompson explained that signs would be placed at each end of the village warning thieves that Smartwater was in operation. Some Councillors were concerned about this.An explanation of the kit – kit is registered to a property address. Property should be marked and a registration form completed and returned.  The kit is therefore registered to the house.   If a move from the house occurs it will be necessary to notify the database.  The cost is £8.90 per property and the kit will be distributed by police officers. Currently, there appears to be a problem as the localism committee wish to change matters with regard to cost and are now stating that only 50% of the cost payable to Smartwater will be refunded and a contribution from householders would be necessary.  The Clerk had complained to Cherry Mansfield, Manager (advising the panel), that to change the policy when matters were so advanced was not acceptable  nor was a contribution from residents.  There is to be a meeting of the localism panel on Monday 16th May 2016 when matters will be discussed further. Mr Mackison had kindly agreed to attend this meeting. Councillors were astonished that this could have happened and now await the outcome of the discussion. The Chairman returned to the Agenda for the meeting.

Bequest a letter had been received advising the Parish Council that the late Mr John Eaton had bequeathed the sum of £10,000 to the Parish Council.  His daughter had advised the Clerk that reference in his will was to the upgrading of the entrance to the playing field with a shelter included.  She also advised that there was no trust involved and that it was entirely up to the Council to use their discretion as how to spend the money.  The Chairman and Councillors expressed their sincere gratitude with regard to this generosity and the Clerk will write to the family accordingly.

Annual Report of the Chairman Attached to the Minute Book.

Playground Mr Hickey, Mr Whitcombe, Mrs Whitcombe (Tree Officer) and the Clerk had met with Sally Griffiths Tree Officer WDC to seek permission to remove three trees at the side of Kersoe Lane and one self-seeded sycamore at the entrance to the playing field.  She had given her approval that all trees could be removed.  Two quotations will be sought and a contractor appointed.  Whilst on the playing field it was noted that the pathway was dangerous following the dumping of rubble which had since been removed.  Concern was expressed about the fencing at the side of the stream and Mr Hickey agreed to write to Mr Robin Eaton to advise him of the concerns.

Village Hall  Storage of chairs should be sorted during the summer months when it is hoped that the extension will be built.  Tesco are offering grants for village improvements using money received from the sale of plastic bags.

Bredon Hill Conservation Group Mr Whitcombe again advised that a small minority within the group have hidden agendas which try to influence members of the committee. Richard Bateman had called a meeting about neighbourhood plans claiming that the ANOB and an action group has been started to oppose 150 caravans being placed at the old Golf Club.  Elmley Castle Parish Council will consider doing its own neighbourhood plan in due course.  Mr Hickey thought that the group had lost its way and we should now withdraw our representative from the group until such time as things improve.  Mr Hickey then proposed this and Mr Hickman seconded, there was one abstention and one against.  Neighbourhood plans will be on the agenda for the July meeting.

1.7      Finance

Savings a/c


Current a/c


Playground a/c


1.8      Other Matters

School James and Sara had looked at the request from the school regarding Grants and advised that there was no provision for preschool.

Crime Commissioner County Councillor John Campion had been elected.

Pub Sign The Chairman will forward copies of the proposed new sign for the pub and had sent the artwork proposed by Mr Phil Bannister to Mr Lavender Jones.