New Homes Bonus

Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton & Netherton parish council newhomes bonus have your say on how we spend £12,445 to benefit our communities 

The government introduced the New Homes Bonus in April 2011. The bonus was designed to ensure that the economic benefits of housing growth are returned to the councils and communities where that growth takes place. For every new home built and occupied in Wychavon, and every long-term empty home brought back into use, the government gives us a non-ring fenced NewHomesBonus grant each year for six years. Wychavon’s New Homes Bonus Protocol (2014-2016) explains how the bonus is calculated, its relationship to the planning system and how they are using the money. They have allocated up to 40% of their years two to five New Homes Bonus grant for investment in local communities where the development that has generated it has taken place. They have invited parish and town councils to submit proposals for spending New Homes Bonus allocations for their area.


Villages nearby have used part of their bonus:
Ashton under Hill and Sedgeberrow have used some of their bonus for a vehicle activated speed sign. Childswickham and Eckington have bought a defibrillator.Eckington have also used part of their bonus to buy equipment for the cricket club.

Parish Council recommendations:
At various meetings of the Parish Council (January and May 2016) and as per an article in the Link church magazine in April 2016 we have discussed the merits of using part of this bonus for SMARTWATER. The Parish Council, has to date, received no objections and recommend spending part of the new homes bonus on a product designed to minimise the risk of burglary. Although we are in a low crime area we should not be complacent and we see Smartwater as a product that acts as a deterrent. Wychavon’s own Business and Rural Crime Co-ordinator has actively encouraged parishes to consider the introduction of this product.Wychavon have, however, decided that they may want communities to fund 50% of the total cost of approximately £10 per household themselves i.e. £5. We have challenged this and seek to have the project 100% funded by the bonus. Unless the project is 100% funded we will not go ahead with this recommendation without further consultation. In addition we have received a request that we use part of the bonus to help fund the extension to the Village Hall. Your Parish Council would be happy to support that request as it will enable equipment (chairs and the like) to be stored, facilitating use by those booking the hall and maximising the space available.

It is important that we reflect the views of our community and what you want. Let us know what you suggest we spend the money on and/or if you support our suggestions for Smartwater and the extension to the Village Hall please email the chairman at: or drop a note to him at 1 Cornmill Close, Elmley Castle WR10 3JH by 25th June 2016.