Minutes 7th July, 2016



Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 7th July 2016

at 7.30pm in Elmley Castle Village Hall.

     Open Forum – No members of the public present, no issues raised.


  1. 1.      ApologiesMr Steele & Mr Whitcombe.


  1. 2.      Present Mr Shaw, Mr Hickey, Mr Hickman, Dr Lewis, Mr Mackison, Mr Stephens & Mrs Speed.


  1. 3.      Declarations of Interestnone made


4.    Minutes – Minutes of 12th May Annual Meeting & 6th June 2016 – Mr Hickman proposed & Mr Hickey seconded a proposition that both sets of minutes be approved, all in favour.

Responses to Flyer – New Homes Bonus several suggestions resulted from the Flyer which had been distributed to every household.

  • Councillors agreed the area around the Medieval Market Cross would be landscaped following an inspection of the Cross by an expert recommended by Wychavon.
  • Village Hall a large number of residents were dissatisfied with the state of the village hall & urged that steps be taken to improve things.
  • Speeding vehicles – this would be discussed with Safer Roads Partnership.


5.   Reports

 a)  Playground & Playing Field – Councillors were pleased to hear that Mr John Eaton had left a Legacy of £10,000 to the Parish Council to use as the Council sees fit but with a suggestion that the money could be used to improve the entrance to the playing field. Councillors agreed to look at the entrance again as they had already made a start on improving it.

b) Village Hall - the Chairman sought clarification about the number of VH Trustees serving on the committee which was confirmed as six. Discussion followed about the threat to a rule change part way through the consultation process for implementing Smartwater which would stop Parish Councils offering the service free of charge to all residents as first indicated. Councillors were alarmed that they had spent 3 years ensuring that every request about the process had been adhered to but at the last minute the rules had been changed. There had been no comment from the Localism Committee in relation to the vast sums of New Homes Bonus Money they had already paid to some villages.

In view of the delay, a final decision would be made by WDC on the 13th July 2016, Councillors had no alternative but to await that decision. Mr Hickman proposed & Mr Stephens seconded a proposal that £9,000 be given towards the village hall extension, all agreed.

c)   Reports – from District Councillors attached to minute book.

d)   County Councillor Hardman was not present.


      6. Transparency Code - received from the Department of Communities was discussed.



       7.   Planning.

       Neighbourhood Plan during a discussion Councillors unanimously rejected the idea of              producing a Neighbourhood Plan, they thought that it was far too bureaucratic & did not wish to be involved in the process, this was confirmed after Councillor Mr Mackison proposed & Mr Hickey seconded a proposal that the Parish Council would not get involved in producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Councillors also discussed Planning Meetings, following a proposal from Dr Lewis seconded by Mr Hickey they unanimously agreed to leave things as they are. It was noted that a quorum for such meetings is 5 Councillors present.To consider PAW/16/01479LB Mr & Mrs Perkins, Hill Cottage, Hill Lane – erection of two storey extension without compliance with condition 6 – following discussion Councillors comment to WDC – voting – No objection 5, 1 against 1 abstention.
         8. Finance                                £
Savings a/c         33,879.55Current a/c              895.42Playground a/c          1,632.80
Invoices paid           £
 Lengthsman    192.50

 J Cook Trees    450.00

  Mrs H. Taylor   260.00 

        9. Miscellaneous Correspondence

a) The Chairman had spoken to Rooftop Housing & was still awaiting an answer to his question ‘how many Rooftop properties are there within the Parish Council Boundary?’ He had been surprised that the information was not to hand.

b) Mr Martin Harris had been nominated for a Volunteer Award, his name should be continued to go forward in future years for recognition in respect of his work with the Scouts.

  signed                                                           Chairman