Wychavon Youth Bus at Elmley Castle Village Hall to make regular visits to Elmley Castle.  The next visits are 15 June 2017 and 13 July 2017 – both at 4pm to 5.20 pm outside the Village Hall.

Further details are posted on the notice boards or you can look at Wychavon’s web site:

May 2017:  James Hickman has decided to step down from the Parish Council.  We are grateful to him for his past contributions.

5 January 2017:  Mr Jerry Strong was co-opted as a Parish Councillor at the meeting held this evening.

3 November 2016:  Mrs Karen Mackison and Mr Mark Axtell-Powell were co-opted as Parish Councillors at the meeting held this evening.

18 October 2016:

Wychavon have notified the Parish Council that their application for £9000 (nine thousand pounds) of the New Homes Bonus has been allocated to the extension at the Village Hall.  We would like to thank those residents who participated in the survey as this has had a positive impact on our application.  We will keep you updated on future plans.

Speed Checks – see also Safer Roads Partnership page

On 23 June 2016 the clerk and chairman of the Parish Council met with our Police Officer and PCSO S Tinkler to discuss speeding issues in Elmley Castle.  We pointed out those areas that gave greatest concern together with the times that appeared to present the higher frequency of speeding.  The discussion was summarised and sent to PCSO Tinkler on 15 August 2016.

On 22 August 2016 PCSO Tinkler wrote as follows:

I have received your e mail and have been working on speed checks in the area since we last spoke.  I have been aiming to look at different times of the day and days of the week to get a true reflection of the speeds but so far they have been averaging at 24-27 mph on each visit.  There have been a few over the 30 mph not so many as to cause an issue and the few noted have been within our tolerances.  I will continue doing more checks and come back to you in due course.

On 16 September 2016 PCSO Tinkler wrote:

I have conducted further speed checks in Elmley Castle to include the rush hour and School drop off.

Following checks done today between 07.30 and 08.00 I have concluded that average speeds are below the 30 mph speed limit.  At this time this result will conclude our checks but we will monitor the situation with ad hoc checks.  These checks will be passed to the safer Roads Partnership.